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Vagina pH Care: Why You Should Never Douche

Have you ever wondered why your underwear overtime has those streaky white stains? Sometimes they may even looked bleached? Well believe it or not, your vagina was responsible for that!

The vagina is a magical organ that not only allows for pleasure, baby making, and menstruation, it is also very well aware of how and when to clean herself. You see a women’s reproductive system is constantly trying to balance its pH. A normal range of pH for a woman between the ages of 15 and 49 is 3.8- 4.5, making it very acidic. 

A lot of things are happening within the vagainal at all times, including regulating its lactobacillus (good bacteria)  and yeast overgrowth.  This self cleaning organ uses a powerful homemade cleaner in the form of your discharge. Knowing this, you can discuss with your medical professional what signs and symptoms to look out for when checking your discharge over time.

Other than rinsing with clean warm water every other day for the external parts of your genitals, the vagina has everything she needs to self clean her inner walls.  Acts like douching are not recommended and are actually harming your vagina, rather than helping it. Because vaginal products are often scented and have a higher ph than that of the vagina, it can induce yeast and bacterial issues inside, which also have the potential to lead to BV (bacteria vaginosis), yeast infections and even some STI’s if engaging in unprotected sex. As tempting as it may seem to douche from time to time, it is not worth the risk of infection. 

Speaking of unprotected sex, aside from the obvious no-no’s when it comes to being unsafe with unknown STI’s, men’s semen is actually more alkaline than women’s vaginas and can lead to throwing off the natural pH.  If you feel that you are constantly dealing with BV or yeast infections when having sex with your partner over time, be sure to always check in with your doctor and get tested.  They will help you discover what is making your pH go out of whack and will have many suggestions for better sex hygiene methods moving forward. Remember, it’s okay to talk to your doctor as much as you want with these matters; they have seen and heard it all. 

Some tips to keep your vagina happy and healthy:

  • Get tested regularly and discuss healthy vaginal hygiene with your doctor
  • Have protected sex with vagina friendly condoms and lubes
  • Never douche or stick soap, vinegar, or scented wipes inside your vagina
  • Clean your menstrual cups and sex toys thoroughly before and after every use
  • Take probiotics to maintain your good bacteria 
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water

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