(5 Pack) CBD Pre Roll- Lifter

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(5 Pack) CBD Pre Roll- Lifter
(5 Pack) CBD Pre Roll- Lifter

Handcrafted from seed to paper. Unlike other pre-rolls all our cannabis is organically hand grown & never touched by any farm, trimming, or rolling equipment. 

Each pre roll containing five smokes (200mg per stick, 1000mg total). Each pre-roll contains 1 gram with a built-in filter. Made with unbleached quality cones for a perfectly smooth smoke. Multiple strains available.

A well rounded CBD strain with a gentle aroma and delightful flavor. Subtle notes of earthly spiced citrus and sweet evergreen pair beautifully with a velvety palate of peppered cedar and citrus fruits. Satisfyingly potent and inspires a sense of calm creativity.


We guarantee that you will feel the love that we put into our pre-rolls.

Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Consult with your doctor before using a new product.

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