GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler

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GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler

The GRAV Coffee Cup Bubbler is part of the Sip Series and designed by world renowned glass blower - Micah Evans. The bubbler is shaped like a coffee mug with the downstem built into the handle with a diffuser on the end. Features a 14mm female joint and includes a 14mm male herb slide. The bubbler stands 4 inches tall at the top of the mug and 7 inches tall at the top of the straw.

  • 7 inch glass bubbler
  • Coffee mug shape
  • Clear durable boro glass
  • Downstem doubles as handle
  • 14mm female joint
  • Includes 14mm male herb slide
  • Part of the Grav Sip Series
  • Designed by Micah Evans


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