Hot Bod Dab Straw

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Accessory - Hot Body Dab Straw
This singular glass dab straw is shaped in the form of a female body. The singular design makes this straw easy to use while on-the-go with no water chambers to fill or tips to attach.
  • MATERIALS: Glass
  • LENGTH: 6 inch
We recommend you clean your pipe before first use.
How to Clean Your Pipe:
  • Remove loose particles from your piece. You can do this by running the dirty glass piece through hot water and/or holding it upside and gently tapping.
  • Fill your Ziploc bag with rubbing alcohol, and then place your piece in, ensuring it is totally submerged. The alcohol will break down all the resin and tar.
  • Generously add salt to the mixture. Salt acts as a mild abrasive, allowing you to scrub off the residual particles. It will also help you reach places with a brush or sponge that would normally be difficult to reach.
  • Seal the bag and shake the pipe in the bag until you’ve worked in the salt to all parts of your piece. Do this for a solid 90 seconds to two minutes.
  • Pour it out and repeat the previous step. Run your piece under water to remove any loose remains and remnants from the salt and alcohol. For extra dirty pipes, soak for several hours or overnight.

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