Opal Stone Yoni Set

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Toys - Opal Stone Yoni Set
Toys - Opal Stone Yoni Set
Toys - Opal Stone Yoni Set
Toys - Opal Stone Yoni Set
Toys - Opal Stone Yoni Set




Items Included:

45 * 30 mm (large), 40 * 25 mm (middle), 30 * 20 mm (small)
Wand 90-120 mm * 20 mm wide approx.
Quantity: 3 pcs Eggs + 1 Massage Wand

♥ Mystery Gift Included with order
♥ High Quality Stone
♥ Owning great energy
♥ Energetically Charged
♥ Decoration Gift Collection

Opal Stone Meaning:

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color where ever it pleases. Carrying this imaginative spontaneity into the realm of you life can bring strong creativity.

Opal has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone. This can help ease the effort of handling change in life. Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way, the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles. During times of transformation, this is an invaluable energy to work with and hold close to your heart.

Mentally, opal is said to enhance memory. It is also used to decrease confusion.

In the psychic or spiritual realm opal is used for high spiritual crystal energy vibrations. It is said to be able to help one be "invisible" in situations where one doesn't want to be noticed. This could be used in astral journeying as well as in daily life. It is also said to be able to help pick up thoughts and feelings and enhance them. It is also a protective stone, said to be particularly protective in dangerous places. Opal is used in light work as a stone for strong and safe dreamwork.

Emotionally, opal brings its water energy to enhance self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It can help bring these to the surface of your life in spite of anything else going on under the surface. This aligned with the inspiring love energies can help you release damaging inhibitions and access your true spiritual nature. Opal is also used to bring happy dreams and avoid nightmares. It is a soothing stone which can calm turbulent emotions and bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace.

Opal is said to be a stone for love. It brings the inspiration of love into a stagnant heart chakra and brings renewal. This can take the form of fiery sensual love or gentler unconditional love and any shade of love in between. Opal is also said to bring fidelity to love.

Traditionally in crystal healing opal has been considered good for headaches, eyesight, Parkinson's disease, blood, insulin regulation, PMS, and the immune system. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Opal is often associated with the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, but varied color opals are also related to the additional chakras.

The Instructions of Yoni Eggs

1.What is the Yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning Sacred Place. In Eastern cultures and Taoist tradition it’s used often when referring to the vagina or womb’s the seat of generative power and considered as the Source of All.

2.What is Kegel Exercise?
Kegel exercise are a series of exercise designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
Benefits of Kegel exerciser:
Prevent and overcome urinary incontinence.Prepare and strengthen for a healthy pregnancy. Recover and restore pelvic strength after childbirth.

3.What is the Function of using Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercise?
The uro-genital and pelvic muscles help support our sexual organs. Working with the egg inside your yoni helps you strengthen the same. Higher sensitivity allows you more control over this part of the body. Knowing about the G-Spot, we often forget that there are more than just one. There are plenty of sensitive spots in our vaginal canal and the egg wakes them gently up. Women who have used the eggs have helped improve the quality of their life.After menopause, many women have vaginal dryness and the vaginal canal loses its health, and the kegel exercise helps them become moist and improve their health.

4.How to perform the Kegel Exercise?
To perform the kegel exercise, first empty your bladder.Insert the egg and squeeze the muscles which you will feel as the egg move. Then lifts the pelvic floor.Hold for a count of ten, and then relax for a count of ten. Do 10 sets, three times a day. The key to success is doing kegel exercise daily and regularly when your pelvic floor improves and you get the results you want. What you need to do is inserting the eggs at least four times each week and wearing them while you regular activities for 20 minutes.
If you are using them for kegel exercise, start with the large eggs,then the medium egg. As your kegel muscles improve, you can change to the smallest egg, because it takes more “skill” to use the smallest egg.
It will improve the muscles that make sexual activity more pleasurable.

5.How to clean the Eggs?
Please clean the eggs with warm water and soap or boiling for thorough sterilization before first use. Then after every using wash them with soap and water, and then wrap them in a soft cloth.

6.Please DON’T
Please don’t leave your eggs in the reach of young children.Because they could be a choking hazard!
Please don’t forget you have your egg in when you go for a number two!
Please don’t use the egg if you have a bladder infection or any kind of yeast infection!
Please don’t try and lift 14kg on day 1 if you are attempting vaginal weightlifting!
Please don't use them during menstruation!

We provide information on stories and legends surrounding the metaphysical and healing properties of this item which allow the informed user to make their own connections with the Spirit of the stones. The metaphysical properties listed are not to be used as a substitute for proper medical attention or advice.

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