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4 Types Of Orgasms You Need To Try

Back in the early 1900’s Sigmund Freud popularized the idea that mature women experienced vaginal orgasms, whereas women who experienced clitoral orgasms were immature.
It became an actual belief that women who couldn’t get their rocks off via heterosexual penetration were mentally ill. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and...NEWS FLASH, that crusty old man was wrong (no surprise there). Turns out, there are actually 12 different types of female orgasms and we’re here to show you 4 that you absolutely need to try ASAP!
Let’s start with one that’s a little more obvious; the clitoral orgasm!
Clitoral orgasms are the most well-known orgasm and the easiest to perform. Well, we say well known but honestly, the c-spot was a mystery up until the early 2000s when scientists discovered just how intricate and pleasurable it can be. Our clits have millions of little nerve endings which is why it’s so fun to play with!
We here at Horny have some very convenient and fun toys to help you reach that big O! Our beautiful Jessica Rabbit Toy is meant to mimic a tongue. Use her eyes to turn her on and toggle between vibration strength/pattern or suction strength! That's right, she sucks! In the best way. She comes with two suction heads and a stippled tongue for added sensation! Whether you use her for solo play or include her while a partner and you mess around, she is sure to give you that toe-curling mind-blowing orgasm!
Next up, we have the elusive g-spot. Most g-spots are located about 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the frontal side. However, many women have a hard time finding theirs because the size and location can vary from woman to woman.
‘So like, how do I find mine?’ We gotchu girl, the best way to find your secret love spot is to explore inside yourself! Your fingers are a sure way to hunt it down mainly because you can feel it, the g-spot should feel like the outside of a walnut!
For ultimate pleasure, go ahead and throw in some fun toys! Horny has a few g-spot toys that are literally made to help get you off! Our Bunny Hop Vibe curls inward so you can easily reach your sweet spot while also vibing your clit. You wanna talk about pleasure?! God, we love a multitasking queen. We also have our 6" Leaning Tower that’s made of soft silicone and has realistic features that mimic an actual cock. It has a lil bit of curve to it, so it can easily rub up against your g-spot! Just add a bit of pressure and enjoy!
The third orgasm you HAVE to try is...a nipple orgasm! No for real, you read it right, a nipple orgasm. ‘But how can I even have a nipple orgasm?’ Sis, let us put you on right quick. Nipples have hundreds of little nerve endings, much like our clits, which make them V sensitive. Those nerve endings are actually connected to the genital sensory cortex in your brain. AKA, it feels hella good when someone plays with them! A lot of women describe a nipplegasm as sneaky. One second, you are purrin’ and stirrin’, you know, feeling nice or whatever. Next thing you know...WHAM BAM THANK YA MA’AM, you got yourself a powerful climax! It’s rumored to also feel even better during your period since the hormonal change can bring extra sensitivity and tenderness. The best way to trigger a nip-O is with sensory play! So lie back and get real comfy, play a sexy Spotify playlist, and maybe light some candles. Once you’ve set the mood, do some calming breaths and get out of your head. Let go of any negative thoughts and think of your deepest, sexiest fantasies. You’ll find it’s important to take your time and enjoy all the different sensations as you experiment with different techniques.
To start, you can use our Luxe Tickle My Fancy Feather. Glide the soft noir feather over your tummy, ribs, and around your breasts letting the feeling build gradually. Now that you’re hot and bothered, it would be a good time to add a little bit of spice with our nipple clamps. We have a variety of different clamps, but we love our Bethany Nipple Clamps that are totally adjustable so you can make them as tight or loose as you like! We also recommend our Triple Play Mini Vibe, which is the PERFECT toy to stimulate your titties with. It comes with 3 different heads, some stippled for exxxtra sensation! We also have our Pretty Pretty Princess Mini Wand which has a soft smooth head with strong vibes to send powerful sensations throughout your breasts. Whenever you start to feel that overpowering warm tingle, push yourself over the edge and let go!
Our final stop on this pleasure train is anal orgasms. Anal orgasms are waves of pleasure that radiate throughout your body, and the best way to have one is to find your a-spot or p-spot!
Much like the g-spot, we have a secret spot in our bums that can be stimulated to give us an orgasm. In women, it is called the a-spot and although this erogenous zone is located DEEP inside the vagina, it can easily be accessed by, you guessed it, anal! However, for men, this is called a p-spot which is located about 2 inches inside the anus. So when you are trying to have a booty-gasm, there are a few things you should definitely keep in mind! First, and most importantly, relaxation is key. Take a nice warm bubble bath to loosen up those tight muscles and get squeaky clean. If you are a beginner we would recommend using our Beginner Butt Plugs, as they are small and a great way to train yourself for some anal play. Another V important tip...LUBE, LUBE, LUBE. Your butt does not self lubricate so have plenty on hand!
To get in the mood try setting some mood lighting, sexy tunes, or even throw on a saucy porno. The more turned on you are, the better! Now that you got your mood set, let the foreplay begin. Soft kisses, light touches, and some fun toys to prep! Our Silver Butt Cuffs are hands down our favorite way to prep and help to edge you beforehand. Not into bondage? That’s cool, we also have anal beads to stimulate you. Insert them one bead at a time, testing your limits as each bead gradually gets bigger.
Now once you are fully turned on and ready, it’s time to play with that a-spot/p-spot baby! Applying pressure can help stimulate that sweet spot and find what gets you going! At Horny we offer an array of toys that will have you bustin’ in no time. Our Sweet N’ Small Pink Dildo is fantASStic for first-timers and for our veterans out there, our 7" Sweet N’ Hard. Use them during solo play, or get our strap-on harness to enjoy with a partner!
Our last tip for anal orgasms is to get out of your head and enjoy the sensations. Switch up positions, play with other orgasm types, or throw a handy in to step it up a notch. Just remember to enjoy each sexy ass second of it!
Well, there you have it Budsluts. As famous as Sigmund Freud was, he very clearly knew jack about pleasing a woman. But these 4 orgasms will have you feelin’ real good.  A few things as we leave you; First, never let anyone tell you shit about your body! Second, you can find all the products mentioned on our dope ass site, plus many many more. Finally, when you try these out, make sure to stay safe and have fun!
Cum again next time, budslut out.

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