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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

We here at The Horny Stoner would like to take a moment to recognize that January is cervical cancer awareness month. As always, we want to educate our community on how we can keep ourselves healthy and happy when it comes to our sexual wellness. Cervical cancer is caused by the sexually transmitted infection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV doesn’t always lead to cervical cancer and can go away on its own, in fact roughly 80% of sexually active people have it at some point. However, when HPV does lead to cervical cancer it can lead to abnormal cells that eventually form a mass of tissue called a tumor on the cervix. Cervical cancer has become pretty common with an estimated 12,000 cases yearly occurring in the US. There are ways you can help to prevent cervical cancer. It’s recommended by medical professionals that people get screened for cervical cancer starting at age 21. Another proactive approach to prevention would be to get the HPV vaccine. Sexual wellness isn’t just about masturbation, vibrators, and orgasms (even though they are pretty damn awesome!). It’s also focusing on your health and specifically the health of your cervix! So this January, use cervical cancer awareness month as a way to be proactive and reach out to your doctor about screenings and getting vaccinated. Together we can help to reduce the cases of HPV infections and cervical cancer. 
Disclaimer: This article is purely to bring attention to cervical cancer. This article is NOT to be taken as medical advice and we strongly encourage you to speak to your primary physician/obgyn regarding any concerns you have about your personal health and well-being. At the end of this article are links to credible sources that give more in-depth information regarding HPV and cervical cancer. -The Horny Stoner Team

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