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An Ode to Women

From the start of conception, 

Without intervention,

Life as we know it

Begins with a woman.

From our grandmothers womb,

Another generation of us,

Are given breath to speak loud

Speak proud, yes all of us

Women are the sirens of change 

And glory

It is a woman whose voices sing 

every story 

From the chains of freedom with Harriet

Down to the White House Chariot, Michelle 

Their voices ring louder than ever before

So we can have such beauties like Malala to adore

From the troubling of ages

Puberty and patriarchy alike

Women strut through every struggle

Without a care in sight

As we bleed 

In SAT’s

We rise up to the power

That power that only a Justice can tower

For Ruth’s demand, meant that Steinem could stand

And Shirley Chisholm then had a chance! 

For centuries women have been treated like the underdogs

When in reality, we have been the ones who’ve changed it all!

For men, for women

For all people and their children

Women are the reason we keep it all together

Being that behind every woman should stand a man, better

Equality shouldn’t be privilege but a right

And it doesn’t take much 

But surely we must fight 

Fight for the voices of those who have been silenced

Fight against the grain for the ones who have been quiet

Moving forward we must remember,

These battles we win will change the world forever. 

From our hearts to yours

Happy Women’s Month to you,

No matter who you are,

You are wonderful just being you. 

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