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How To Express Wanting to Try New Things In the Bedroom

POV: You’ve recently watched an enthralling and erotic film or show, like 365 or Bridgerton, and are suddenly curious about some of the play that you witnessed. Your sex life is good, but lately has been more ordinary than that of those characters onscreen.  You start to imagine what scenes would be fun to try and happen to come across a website like the Horny Stoner, to see what toys would make life in the bedroom more exciting.  

There’s just one problem… 

You have no fucking idea how to tell your partner about any of this.

Fret no further, Padawan, we’ve got you covered on just how to talk to your partner, on trying new things. 

Tips to start the conversation:

  • Start by sitting them down and discussing how things are currently going in the bedroom life. Ask about their feelings on how it's been going, and then share your own. Remember, they are likely to be as hesitant as you are about the conversation, if it’s not regularly discussed. Be respectful and kind to their answers, just as you would liked to expect from them.
  • Express your newfound fantasies with videos, pictures, or even supporting your local onlyfans creator! Everyone loves a good visual ;)
  • If desiring more toy play, bring up some examples of a few you have wanted to purchase. Maybe the two of you can take a field trip to your local sex shop and have a store associate assist in educating you both on various items, and how to incorporate them safely, as beginners. Or even better, browse's toy collection.
  • Consider the learning curve for you and your partner and allow space for lighthearted experiences together at first. Don’t worry, neither of you have to be experienced in the products or process to have a great time. 

Above all, the quality of communication in all things, including the bedroom, is an imperative part of maintaining a healthy relationship.  Busting down invisible barriers of insecurity and letting out your needs to your partner can be a relieving experience. You may even find that they too have been wanting to express a need to spice it up, and together you can learn more about each other.. beyond the new orgasms. 


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