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The Safest Sex on the Planet

Let’s talk about having sex with yourself.  More often than not, people have already discovered this magical pastime well before knowing its formal name, masturbation, but how many of us actually feel inclined to discuss it as openly as we do sex?  

Masturbation is the act of pleasing one’s self. Sex is fun and great, but being able to reach a similar, if not more intense climax on your own, is a powerful thing.  

There are many benefits to masturbating from stress relief, pelvic floor strengthening, to even better sleep. But why is this? During the act of self pleasure, your “feel good” hormones like Dopamine and Serotonin increase throughout the body causing the cortisol levels (the stress hormones) to lower while also making you feel happier.  In addition, the hormone Oxytocin, aka the “love hormone,” is released in an orgasm making the experience of the sex high, even greater.  

Masturbation is as natural as sex, but we often don’t talk about it enough in society. Outside of its obvious attraction, masturbating can hold the key to resolving a great deal of intimacy issues. Through self exploration, an individual can pinpoint how and where they enjoy being touched. Over time, they become more comfortable with themselves in getting the big O, that discussing their preferences of what works with their partner(s), will be that much easier.  Not to mention, people with a higher libido may not always have the ability to seek sexual pleasure with their partner; good thing there’s a portable reset button with you at all times (eh hem, fingers).

When is comes to self pleasure, there are so many taboos surrounding the topic, when let’s get real- everyone is doing it. The benefits are endless and the journey to exploration is also abundant. Maybe you’ve grown tired or bored of the old ways, and are looking for something a little more exciting. Or maybe there’s a hole you haven’t tested out yet. Between sex toys, porn, and erotica novels, there are so many new and tips (*wink) and tricks to getting your best solo orgasm. 

Now get outta here and go fuck yourself ;)


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