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What Strain Are You Smoking?



*This blog is not intended to give any medical advice or to advise the use of drugs without discussing it with your medical professional. 

Whether you're a social smoker who bums the nearest joint available at gatherings, or a cannabis connoisseur with a great relationship to your dealer, you probably have an idea of the various strains the adored plant has to offer. But how are you to tell in the moment, which exactly you're smoking? 


Cannabis Indica is a common weed strain known for its relaxing effects. It originated from the Hindu Kush Mountains of India, as well as a similarly intensely dry climate to that of Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan. 

This strain is liked by many for its medicinal effects in assisting with sleep, pain, nausea and anxiety; predominantly due to its nature of having more CBD and less THC than that of its counterpart, Sativa. 

If you’re into a night of chill vibes, snack eating, and Netflix binging, this weed strain may just be for you. 


Cannabis Sativa, commonly used by artists for inspiration, is a strain known for its more “high” feeling. Sativa is found in dry climates with a lot of sun exposure such as areas in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America and Western Asia. 

For anyone uninterested in the tired, more lethargic feelings that come from Indica, it may be better to try someone with more potency in THC.  Sativa offers less CBD than Indica, however it is still commonly associated with reducing anxiety and increasing one's creative mind.  


Just as it sounds, a hybrid is any mixing or blending of the two strains to create a more divergent product. These are typically farmed in a greenhouse by individuals and are designed to create either “Sativa- dominant” or “Indica- dominant” strains.  

It is always good to be informed on what weed strain works best for you, and to know exactly where it came from to help you infer whether it has been tampered with or not. It is not recommended to partake in any act of smoking to that of an unknown source. 

With this quick guide in mind, what is your preferred weed strain? 

Happy smoking!


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