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What Strain Are You Smoking?

Lexie Moore

Tags cannabis, stoner, strain

    *This blog is not intended to give any medical advice or to advise the use of drugs without discussing it with your medical professional.  Whether you're a social smoker who bums the nearest joint available at gatherings, or a cannabis connoisseur with a great relationship to your dealer, you probably have an idea of the various strains the adored plant has to offer. But how are you to tell in the moment, which exactly you're smoking?  Indica  Cannabis Indica is a common weed strain known for its relaxing effects. It originated from the Hindu Kush Mountains of India, as...

Stoner Starter Pack

Lexie Moore

Tags cannabis, stoner

If you’re new to the weed lifestyle, we’ve got you covered with all the right accessories for the ultimate stoner starter pack! Kush Jar Sounds like a no brainer item but one that is easily overlooked to the newbie stoner.  Not only is this item an essential piece to hide your precious herbs from outsiders, but also to contain its scent while you’re doing adult stuff during your day.  Be sure to find a jar that suctions and is structurally sound, like a Pyrex or mason jar.   Papers If you’re someone who fancy’s a more traditional smoking experience, to that...


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