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How To Express Wanting to Try New Things In the Bedroom

POV: You’ve recently watched an enthralling and erotic film or show, like 365 or Bridgerton, and are suddenly curious about some of the play that you witnessed. Your sex life...

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4 Types Of Orgasms You Need To Try

Back in the early 1900’s Sigmund Freud popularized the idea that mature women experienced vaginal orgasms, whereas women who experienced clitoral orgasms were immature. It became an actual belief that...

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How To Use A Vibrator

Let’s be honest, we probably were not exposed to any talk growing up about how to use sex toys properly (if we even knew what they were to begin with). ...

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An Ode to Women

From the start of conception,  Without intervention, Life as we know it Begins with a woman. From our grandmothers womb, Another generation of us, Are given breath to speak loud...

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Sex After Giving Birth

*This blog gives general advice and is not to be taken until after consulting with a medical professional So you’ve just had a baby and you’re new to whole “no...

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The Safest Sex on the Planet

Let’s talk about having sex with yourself.  More often than not, people have already discovered this magical pastime well before knowing its formal name, masturbation, but how many of us...

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What Strain Are You Smoking?

    *This blog is not intended to give any medical advice or to advise the use of drugs without discussing it with your medical professional.  Whether you're a social...

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Stoner Starter Pack

If you’re new to the weed lifestyle, we’ve got you covered with all the right accessories for the ultimate stoner starter pack! Kush Jar Sounds like a no brainer item...

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