If roses are red and vibrators are blue..

Lexie Moore

Roses are red, Violets are blue, And in case you didn’t know.. Our vibrators are too ;) From the shelves of pleasure,  To the cart with good measure, lovers from far and wide get themselves ready for a wild ride. Whether you’re single   ready to mingle or taken, with a twinkle,  there’s always room in the bedroom for more, whether one, two, three, oh my,  Four holes to explore! So many of us feel overwhelmed with such a holiday,  but the Horny Stoner team has a plan for play. For the girls, guys, gay’s, they’s,  each person on earth deserves...

Sex After Giving Birth

Lexie Moore

*This blog gives general advice and is not to be taken until after consulting with a medical professional So you’ve just had a baby and you’re new to whole “no sleep” thing when you suddenly think to yourself, “how the hell am I ever going to enjoy sex again?” It comes as no surprise to anyone who has had a baby, vaginally or by c-section, the fear or hesitation around intimacy. Many things happen to your body during delivery than can leave some emotional as well as physical scarring. While many woman experience a range of healing experiences, many doctors...

How To Express Wanting to Try New Things In the Bedroom

Lexie Moore

POV: You’ve recently watched an enthralling and erotic film or show, like 365 or Bridgerton, and are suddenly curious about some of the play that you witnessed. Your sex life is good, but lately has been more ordinary than that of those characters onscreen.  You start to imagine what scenes would be fun to try and happen to come across a website like the Horny Stoner, to see what toys would make life in the bedroom more exciting.   There’s just one problem…  You have no fucking idea how to tell your partner about any of this. Fret no further,...

The Safest Sex on the Planet

Lexie Moore

Let’s talk about having sex with yourself.  More often than not, people have already discovered this magical pastime well before knowing its formal name, masturbation, but how many of us actually feel inclined to discuss it as openly as we do sex?   Masturbation is the act of pleasing one’s self. Sex is fun and great, but being able to reach a similar, if not more intense climax on your own, is a powerful thing.   There are many benefits to masturbating from stress relief, pelvic floor strengthening, to even better sleep. But why is this? During the act of...

What Strain Are You Smoking?

Lexie Moore

Tags cannabis, stoner, strain

    *This blog is not intended to give any medical advice or to advise the use of drugs without discussing it with your medical professional.  Whether you're a social smoker who bums the nearest joint available at gatherings, or a cannabis connoisseur with a great relationship to your dealer, you probably have an idea of the various strains the adored plant has to offer. But how are you to tell in the moment, which exactly you're smoking?  Indica  Cannabis Indica is a common weed strain known for its relaxing effects. It originated from the Hindu Kush Mountains of India, as...

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